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Student Supply List

Items your student will need:


Handiwipes of some-sort

Spiralbound Notebook

Colored Pencils (set of 12 or more)

1 Bookmark

Packed Lunch

*Refrigerator and Toaster Oven Available

(We have no microwave)

Additional Snack

NWFS will provide one whole foods snack for the community

For Comfort & Prepardness

Here is a quick note on seasonal clothing ideas. 

It is a good idea to pack at least 1 extra pair of socks for your child. I find that extra socks, pant and tshirt are really beneficial. These can be rolled up snug and put into their backpack or locker for later use. 

You will want to make sure your child dresses for outdoor weather in its season. 

For the fall, your child will want warm layers and waterproof outerwear. A raincoat, rainpant and rainboots-are a great idea and under these- a zip-up jacket and long sleeve shirt provides layers to keep your child comfortable. A knit hat and longer sock for this time of year would also be a welcome addition for your childs' comfort level. 

In the cold MN winters, you want your child to have plenty of layers to suit the season. Starting with base layers, a medium weight thermal under wear is a good idea. Then a fleece or perhaps your winter jacket comes with this built-in. Lastly, the outershell- a waterproof insulated jacket rated for at least -10 below. Its always easy to take off a layer rather than wish for more layers and not have any! Snow pants or snow bibs are necessary if we are playing or sledding or spending active time outdoors in the snow. Northwoods will provide waterproof mitten shells for use, as well as snow goggles, but children will need their own insulated mittens or gloves for their daily wear. To top it off a warm winter hat that covers their ears. 

Spring time weather is a little easier, but fluctuates more! We will need to keep those winter items on hand - as well as have some layers that can be used in their stead if the weather warms through the day. Fleece jackets are encouraged as well as lighter gloves and hats. 

With the melting and warming weather comes the bugs! Keeping lightweight longsleeve tshirts in mind, as well as light weight long pants will often be enough to thawart the attacks of the freshly hatched mosquitos. Northwoods has on hand natural (deet-free) insect repellent as well as tick repellent (cedar-oil based) - but please make sure your child has their own personal preference of sunscreen, bug spray and a hat for the sun. Mosquito nets are especially nice if we are going on long hikes, as well as a layer of leg protection such as rainboots or good close-toed hiking shoes. 

We will update this suggested list as we go through the seasons in this location to make sure we are preparing you and your child with what to expect, so you can keep their level of comfort they are accustomed to - so they can focus on their adventures in the best possible gear! 

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