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What is Important

At Northwoods, we aim to allow children to be as self-directed as possible, while offering guidance to help them conquer tasks and gain confidence and independence. We bring together a balance of academic needs and investment with hands-on creative opportunities that nurture the whole child.

We do focus on the forest school aspect, your student will explore the natural world throughout all MN seasons. They will learn skills, develop their interests, take calculated risks, gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, and connect with nature in a holistic way. 

We offer Waldorf-inspired academics that feed the creative mind and keep up with the societal standards we must work within. 

What is most important to us is the future of our children; yours, ours and those to come. 

We feel strongly that children need safe environments that treat them with respect and care.  They need to be able to play, learn, create, make mistakes, conquer fears, be inspired, gain confidence, learn resilience, connect, and grow to be creative independent community members when they leave our campus for their next adventure.

 Our programs, practices, training, policies and academic curriculum all reflect this core value. 

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