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Our Mission & Curriculum

Our Mission

Northwoods is a micro-school offering enrichment and forest school skills to local families of central lakes Mn. 

Our academic foundations are based on Waldorf inspiration, blended with a Montessori-environment, with the added health benefits of Forest School methods.  


Our goal is to give confidence and support to home school families. We help families build their curriculum and lesson plans, implement them, and conquer any obstacles. All this is to not limit the students choices once their time at Northwoods ends. 

Our mission is to bring a family-centric program to the lakes area that fosters in the youth: critical thinking, problem solving, artistic development, music appreciation, social experience, and connection with nature. Guiding the student to develop healthy emotional resilience, confidence, inner strength, and problem-solving skills.


Northwoods offers encouragement to the students' learning by treating the student as a whole-worthwhile individual on their way to independence and by treating their family structure as a valuable bond to nurture.

This is to encourage MN families to choose home education as an option - to be a resource and an enrichment to their academic endeavors.

Our Curriculum Foundation

Nature-Based Learning

Nature is seamlessly integrated into daily activities, using the outdoors as a classroom to foster environmental stewardship and practical skills.

Waldorf-Inspired Blocks

We follow Rudolf Steiner's principles, emphasizing rhythm, holistic learning blocks, and natural arts to nurture creativity and imagination.

Holistic Development

Our approach focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of each student, promoting self-discipline, mindfulness, and community involvement.

Student Outcomes

Our programs aim to achieve a comprehensive set of outcomes for each student, including:

  • Academic enrichment

  • Connection with nature

  • Development of self-discipline and inner discipline

  • Enhancement of creativity and artistic skills

  • Social and community development

  • Cultivation of gratitude and mindfulness

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Our Blocks

Learning Blocks

Our curriculum is divided into thematic learning blocks, each designed to provide deep, immersive experiences in various subjects.

These blocks integrate core educational philosophies:

  • Waldorf: Emphasizing rhythm, creativity, and holistic learning.

  • Montessori: Focusing on independence, purposeful work, and prepared environments.

  • Nature-Based: Using the natural world as a primary classroom.

  • Forest School: Promoting outdoor, hands-on learning.

Accreditations and Credentials

  • Proudly accredited by the POE network.

  • Additional certifications include Forest Leader Level 3, Nature-Based Teaching Certification, Ministry & Sport Safe Certifications, First Aid/CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Mindfulness Certification, Archery Level 1 Instructor Certified, Herbology Certification, Waldorf Teaching License (in-progress, to be completed in 2026)

POE Accreditation
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