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Northwoods is a micro-forest school located in North Central MN. 

We offer our school year program as well as summer options for a full year-round experience for your student. 

What is a Forest School?

A forest school is an outdoor, child-led, play-based teaching style. An important aspect is long-term (year-round) outdoor play so your child gets to know the local environment. Forest School believes outdoor play in all weather conditions is good for students, it develops resilience, and gratitude/mindfulness.

Northwoods combines forest school methodology with a blending of creative and nurturing academics. Being a micro-school means your student will have individualized guidance in both academics, arts and independent skill development. We make nature-based learning a priority to encourage mindfulness and overall wellbeing for your child, and we marry that with acceptable levels of academics to make sure your student is fulfilling state requirements.

Nature immersion has been proven to be beneficial both physically and mentally. For more about the benefits behind forest and nature-based learning you can click HERE.  

What is Northwoods Forest School, how is it different?

While we are a micro-forest school, we also offer academic pursuits to support families who choose to school at home. We, therefore, are an Enrichment Program, not only a forest school. We believe strongly that families should have the support and resources needed to cultivate a life long love of learning and connection to nature!


Where we are located

Northwoods Forest School, LLC is located 7 miles north of Pine River, MN


Bordering Lizzie Creek, and in the heart of lake country, Northwoods Forest School is able to offer nature study of many different types of plant life, wildlife, and wetland areas.

Grey Squirrel
Our facility
Green Farm

Northwoods offers a dedicated building for our program - this will serve up to 15 students. This is important in MN weather to have a refuge and a home base for learning resources & supplies.  It will offer indoor nature learning in inclement weather as well as serve us for many areas of our school day.


The forest school is on 17 acres of mixed forest, open prairie, and wetland - as well as ample creek shore. This is our permanent campus, so students will truly get to know this area. 

All of Northwoods' nature trails are clearly marked and have active game cameras for safety and observation.  Our policies are based on safe and positive nature learning so all students have the opportunities to explore, create, and reflect. 

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