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Northwoods "Academic" Forest School

We offer a Waldorf/Montessori/Classical-based curricula with a Forest School focus, we offer a full-service choice to fulfilling all home-based education requirements for subjects or can be a supplement to your own curriculum you are using at home!  

What Northwoods offers

Northwoods Forest School is an Enrichment Program. 

We support your education journey by offering thematic units that highlight art, science, math, language, humanities, and social opportunities. 

During our three day week, your student will learn through Waldorf curricula; arts, handiwork, music, and interest-led opportunities. This is offered in our hybrid atmosphere to really offer the best of many different types of educational methods. 

Your child will also learn nature-based skills like self-confidence, self-reliance, resilience, homesteading activities, survival activities, bushcraft skills, and so much more! 

While we intergrade all the MN required subject into our school year, our goal is to offer each of our Northwood families the support they need to school at home without sacrificing the social and artistic aspects of a more mainstream option. 

Our goal is to support our MN families, to offer a child-led enrichment program that is rich and full of opportunities for a well-rounded experience! 

For more info on how to incorporate some of our offerings, contact us! 218-821-7557 (text)

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