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When you're a member at Northwoods Forest School, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of options to best suit your family's needs:

  • Curriculum Planning Support:

    • Assistance with curriculum planning and lesson plan development.

    • Help staying on track with educational goals.

  • Group Learning Opportunities:

    • Access to group learning activities and social opportunities for your child.

  • Flexible Attendance:

    • Option to utilize full three-day attendance for a comprehensive school experience.

    • Choice of specific attendance dates as soon as you become a member.

  • Event Participation:

    • Invitations to all NWFS-hosted events and activities.

  • Discounted Rates:

    • Discounted rate for Summer Nature Days.

    • Sibling discount for additional children.

  • Member Perks:

    • NWFS student T-shirt, snack bags, and a water bottle.

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