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Fundraising 2023/2024
Our First Year

Being that this is our first full-time year, our fundraising goals will be bigger than our projected years to come. 
This year we will be raising funds for furniture for our nature building, which we won't be needing in successive years. 

Thank you for your interest and support, it means the world to us and our students!!

MN public and charter schools get an average of $14,000 PER STUDENT of funding each year (click here for the article). 

There are virtually no private-funded schools or youth programs in this area, Northwoods will be the first of its kind. 

We do not get any funding of any kind from state or federal means. 

We hope you will help us in this monumental effort to provide more choices and support in education to the families of this area!

MN schools and what they offer has been limited in the area. One of the main areas of investment for many public schools and youth program offerings are into sports and recreation, this is under "instruction" in the budget - but not all students benefit from this use of funding. Programs like recess, nature studies, sciences, and art have been slashed from the budgets opting for unnecessary remodeling or upgrading of technology. 

While the local offerings are great, and needed, we hope to offer something to the children that are in the home education field or some that seem to be slipping from attendance in the mainstream option. 

The academic performance of the local school reflect this trend of decline in graduation rates (click to see statistics here.)

We hope to fill a need for a creative and more hands-on approach for families that need a different option... that is where your help comes in! 

Or goal for this year is $12,000. We can do this together -- lets support our youth and their success!!

School Library Books

We hope to provide a small lending library for students in our nature-building. These books will focus on sciences, classical literature, arts and crafts, hobby topics, self-sustainable topics, and basic reference books.

Library Bookshelves

Nature Builidng Furniture

Because we will be using our nature building in inclement weather and some of our academic projects, we need some tables and chairs! Because we are a super small building we nee furniture that can be duel purpose or compact-- unfortunately these are usually a little more expensive! We also have a small kitchenette, and two eco-friendly restrooms that need some items as well!

Dinning Table and Chairs

Student Gardens

We are planning a long-term garden area for the students. Our needs are for frames, good soil, tools, supplies, seeds, and mulch. 

School Garden

Tuition Scholarships

We try for many grants to raise funds to help families with tuition, unfortunately because we are so small we end up not qualifying for many. We were awarded one grant for tuition but that is not available again for this next year. The more funding we can raise for scholarships, the more families we can serve in the future!!

Dollar Bill in Jar
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