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Be a Founding Family!

Being a founding family is an opportunity only offered once in a school or programs lifetime. 

This is because this is a formative step in the foundation of a program that is set to grow and bloom.



A "Founding Family" is an opportunity only offered this year (2023) for the tentative registration for three full years at Northwoods Forest School (M-Th, Sept-May, regular hours or extended*). This is a 3-year commitment for interested families, meaning, promised enrollment in NWFS for three consecutive years full-time. 

We are accepting only three families for this important role. 

The Founding Families will work closely with the Director and Guides, giving feedback in a monthly "Founders" meeting for the 2023/2024 school year. This will be to review effectiveness in offered forest school skills, creative opportunities, academics, administration, and overall operations. For subsequent years this will be a quarterly meeting, unless more meetings are required and agreed upon by participating members.

The Founding Families will get a two-year tuition discount for one student of 25% ($1,620 off regular full-time or $2,160 off of extended hours for the year 2023/2024), the 3rd year discount of 30% (regular hours $1,944 or extended $2,592). For continued consecutive enrollment after that, Founding Families will receive a 10% discount ( $648 for regular full-time or $864 for extended) for one student*. (*up to 6 years, full-time enrollment minimum for discount, giving the family a total of 9 years tuition discounts for one student.) 

The additional 5% discount for payment in full  is still available for Founding Families.

If a Founding Family discontinues enrollment or drops to a part-time status, tuition discounts will be no longer valid.


To apply to become a Founding Family, please submit your contact information HERE

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