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Thank you for your interest in volunteering! 

We accept parent-volunteers who have current attending students! Much like a co-op, we are happy to have you walk alongside us and enjoy the process of nature learning with your child! 

We love the opportunity for a parent and child experience at Northwoods, because one reason many families homeschool is for that added family bond; we recognize that and honor that as much as we can! 

We have the following slots available:

1 volunteer for K-2nd M, T, W = 3 slots

1 volunteer for 3-6th M, T, W = 3 slots

1 volunteer for 7-12th M, T, W = 3 slots

= 9 slots per week total

Summer Nature Days, all parents are welcome to help out - no limit. 

What to expect as a volunteer!

As a parent-volunteer we ask that:

-you attend the volunteer training and fill out all necessary forms

-you show up 15 mins early to get acquainted with the days opportunities

-you are dressed for the outdoor weather, bring your lunch (and snacks) to share meal times with the students

-you are open to pitch-in and get your hands dirty (in arts, in helping students with homework, or in actual dirt! lol)

-you institute NWFS policies for safety and outdoor "in-sight" procedures

-you maintain a professional and kind-hearted demeanor 

-you project a positive attitude even in inclement weather (so we pass on that "there is no BAD weather" mentality, but can enjoy rainy days too!)

What days are available?

We have spots open each day we are in-session. We have one per pod, or nine total opportunities. The hours for volunteers are 9:15 a.m. (15 minutes early) to 2:15 p.m. (15 minutes later), as this helps on each end to "open" and "close" the day. 

What if I want to volunteer a day my child is enrolled but all the volunteer spots are already taken?

If you feel uncomfortable with drop-off service, and all the volunteer slots are taken, perhaps we can find a solution! Depending on availability, perhaps you can volunteer for a different pod or volunteer in another capacity so your time is spent actively! We are often in need of support for outdoor maintenance, projects for upcoming lesson blocks, cleaning/organizing, or even a second volunteer may be helpful for some groups! Making a note of this in your initial application is a good idea, so we know to keep an eye on those openings for you! 

Art & Music Instructors Wanted!

While we offer these on campus ourselves, we are always looking for those who are enthusiastic in the arts and music realm! 

If you are passionate about a medium of art and would like to share it with our students at Northwoods, please let us know! 

We would love to have you host a class for a day, month, or year-long!

If you are a musician or would love to share your chosen instrument with us, we would be thrilled to spotlight you! Whether a day, month, or year-long class - sharing the gift of music is a lifetime blessing! Please consider contacting us to set up an opportunity! 

All instructors, instructing more than one event day, must have NWFS volunteer training and background review. If you have fees associated with your services, please make note of that at time of application. 

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