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Hello there!

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A little about me

I'm a California-native but I've spent the majority of my life in north central MN. I call Minnesota my home. I live on a small 2.5 acres prairie parcel that over looks long waving fields of grass and wide open skies. 

I have three children and I have homeschooled them all, and one through graduation, (and one is still in school.) Through those many years of schooling at home, I coordinated two home school groups and countless workshops/field trips. Totaling about 6 years of active organizing for education workshops and classes. 

I have an equivalent of a B.A. - and will have a state recognized B.S. by 2025.  I am currently in school myself, after my day is through at Northwoods, working towards my certification as a nationally recognized Waldorf Teacher.


I am a Level 3 Forest School leader, accredited through GoWild (UK). I have my Paraprofessional Degree and my Nature-Based Teacher Certification through ERFRANS. 

I am a certified Archery Instructor, through USA Archery and have taken SafeSport Training. 

I am certified in Wilderness First Aid, CPR/AED First Aid as well as Herbalism/Holistic First Aid, and am also a licensed PCA. 

I have completed Ministry Safe (safeguarding from predatory circumstances, included peer-to-peer safety) and I have a yearly thorough FBI-rated Background check, to work with vulnerable adults and children. 

I have been involved in Girl Scouts for over 5 years, from K-1 to 6, this has also brought me many skills for group organization, field-trip coordination, outdoor learning and mixed-age group leading. 

I had worked at Trout Lake Camps in Pine River for over 15 years, so I am familiar with summer camps expectations and working outdoors seasonally. 

I have loved the outdoors all my life. From the first time I can remember climbing up my grandmothers crabapple tree, and burrowing under her gooseberry bushes- the outdoors has always been a place of peace and comfort. 

I strive to offer the students of Northwoods a beautiful, peaceful, safe, and rewarding learning experience. 

Favorite Books:

Hobbit, Lord of the Rings

Hunger Game Series

Maze Runner Series

Life of Pi

Percy Jackson Series

Favorite Flora/Fauna (the short list):


Chive Flowers


Sparkling ("Dry") Snow

Orange Maple leaves

Sunshine Rain (Fox Wedding)


Morning Dew



Jumping Spiders

Black Bears

Credentials - updated yearly as more professional development is obtained: 

Waldorf Teaching Certification (to be complete early 2026)

Nature-Based Teacher Certification

Forest School Leader Accreditation - Level 3 

Paraprofessional Degree

B.S. (finishing 2025)

CPR/AED First Aid Certification

Wilderness First Aid Certification

Herbal First Aid Certification

Ministry Safe Training

EcoTherapist Certification

Kids Yoga Certification

Mindfulness Training

Montessori Training

Reggio Emilia Certification

Accredited Certification in Natural Medicine & Herbalism

Archery Instructor Training Level 1

SafeSport Training

*last updated 2/2024

Northwoods Forest School encourages all their leaders, instructors, and teachers to obtain yearly professional development. We support those who seek areas they are passionate about, as well as natural and outdoor benefits! 


For any other questions about our school or programs awe offer, please reach-out!


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